Overholt & Frick Family Collection

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Overholt & Frick Family Collection


This collection contains all items within the West Overton Archives related to the Overholt family and the Frick family. This collection is not yet completed.

Items in the Overholt & Frick Family Collection Collection

Will and Testament of Abraham B. Overholt.
A copy of the original document, the last will and testament of Abraham B. Overholt. The year of the document is unknown, although it was made prior to his death in 1870.

Obituary of Abraham B. Overholt from Herald of Truth.
An obituary of Abraham B. Overholt from the publication Herald of Truth. The obituary was published in March 1870.

Obituary of John W. Frick.
A copy of an original document, an obituary of John W. Frick. The article was published on August 31, 1888. Next to John W. Frick's obituary, "b. Feb 23, 1882. d. Aug 31 1888" is written by another hand in blue pen.

Daguerreotype of Abraham Overholt at George Washington's Tomb.
A copy of an original daguerreotype photograph of Abraham Overholt at George Washington's tomb. Abraham is pictured sitting on the left. Pictured with him are two unknown men.

"Helen Clay Frick dies at 96.," Post-Gazette.
An article from the Post-Gazette newspaper titled "Helen Clay Frick dies at 96," dated Saturday, November 10th, 1984. The article is written by Alvin Rosensweet, a Post-Gazette staff writer. The article is found on two separate pages; the first…

"Helen Clay Frick dies in Pittsburgh" obituary.
A clipping of a newspaper article obituary section titled, "Helen Clay Frick dies in Pittsburgh". Since the article was clipped from the rest of the newspaper, there are no identifiers available to determine the publisher or the date of publication…

"Heir to Frick Fortune Succumbs" Tribune-Review newspaper article.
A newspaper article published by the Tribune-Review, titled "Heir to Frick Fortune Succumbs.," dated November 10, 1984. This article was clipped from the original, complete newspaper in three sections: the title of the newspaper (Tribune-Review), the…

"Inventory reveals Miss Frick's estate valued at $15.4 million," Pittsburgh Press.
A newspaper article from The Pittsburgh Press regarding the value of Helen Clay Frick's estate titled, "Inventory reveals Miss Frick's estate valued at $15.4 million." The article was written by Lawrence Walsh on page A18, dated Sunday, October 13,…

Photograph of Luella Frick Taylor and Margaret Endersbe.
A photograph of Luella Frick Taylor, pictured left, and Margaret Endersbe, pictured right. On the back of the document, "Lula Frick Taylor + Mgt" is written. "Mgt" is assumed to be Margaret Endersbe.

Inventory of Helen Clay Frick.
The inventory of Helen Clay Frick, including her personal property and real estate, along with their associated monetary values. Additionally, this inventory displays how these assets were distributed.