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Institutional Documents

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Proof of Service of Employer' Notice of his rejection of Article III of the Workmen's Compensation Act of 1915, and the Employer's Notice to his Employees.
A copy from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Workmen's Compensation Bureau of the proof and notice of the employer rejection of workmen's compensation by the Washington Run Railroad Company. This is dated February 1916.

Examination of Overholt Property.
Examination of Overholt Property is a letter written to Helen C. Frick in regards to items on the Overholt property, including acreage, It includes a drawn map of the property. This document is dated January 10, 1922.

Inguest in Westmoreland County.
An old inguest for Westmoreland County. The document pre-dates the American Revolution.

Westmoreland County Bank Note.
An old bank note issued within the Pennsylvania county of Westmoreland. The note is issued by the Westmoreland County Bank. The note is for five dollars, and is signed by W.B. Merauder.

Annual Report of Controller for Westmoreland County in 1929.
A detailed annual report log submitted by the controller of Westmoreland County in 1929. The report logs detailed entries of duties and tasks performed by Westmoreland County executives throughout the year 1929.

Bill of sale for salt to J. Beeson.
A bill of sale detailing the costs and amount of salt that was purchased by a Mr. J. Beeson. The bill comes to a total of seventy-one dollars and forty cents.

Bill of sale for slave.
An old bill of sale for a slave. The document is dated for the year 1823. Writing is found on both sides of the document.

Sherrick - Zundle Agreement.
A typecopy and photocopy of the Sherrick - Zundle agreement, where Mr. Jacob Zundle Sr. agrees to farm on the land alotted to him, and not overstep his farming rights granted to him by one Mr. Isaac Sherrick. The agreement was written on December…

Note to J. Beeson.
A personal note to one Mr. J. Beeson. The note is dated July 9th 1819, and talks about an account. A signatory with the last name of Kennedy is located on the back of the document.

Bill from Samuel Evans to J.P. Sturgis.
A bill sent to J.P. Sturgis by one Mr. Samuel Evans detailing the costs of purchases made by the former. Mr. Evans may be a blacksmith, and the document is dated 1821.