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Sponsors and Project Team

West Overton Village & Museums

As the host of the original archive and artifacts, West Overton Village & Museums is the primary contributor to the production of this digital archive. Since 1928, West Overton Village & Museums has been carefully conserving a collection of paper documents and artifacts for the use of future generations of researchers. In a move to make these historical resources publicly accessible, West Overton Village & Museums has committed to digitizing their extensive collections.

  • Logan Holmes, Museum and Digital Archive Coordinator
  • Rebecca Parker, Digital Archive Consultant & Web Content Manager
  • Ashley Branthoover, Museum Guide & Digital Archive Intern

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is committed to providing their students with experience gaining practical thinking and on the job skills. In collaboration with West Overton Village & Museums students can complete an internship at the museum. At the start of the West Overton Village & Museums' digitization project, in the summer of 2017, the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg with assistance from the Center for Applied Research and the Center for the Digital Text hired two history, undergraduate interns to work alongside West Overton staff in order to initiate the digitization process at the museum.

  • Dr. Pilar Herr PhD, Assistant Professor of History & West Overton Village Digital Archive Intern Coordinator
  • Alex Fell, West Overton Village Digital Archive Intern & Center for Applied Research Representative (2017)
  • Serena Pape, West Overton Village Digital Archive Intern (Summer 2017)

Mount Pleasant Public Library

As a library of the Westmoreland County Federated Library System, Mt. Pleasant Library received a Scan PA grant to help digitize the state's historical treasures and share them online at the PA Access website. In preparation for digitizing their collections, the library provided the Scan PA equipment on loan to West Overton Village & Museums as a "trial run" to establish a digitization process and training materials for using the equipment.

  • Mary Kaufman, Library Director

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

This digital archive is hosted on the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center's Bridges server. Bridges is a uniquely capable supercomputer designed to empower new research communities, bring desktop convenience to supercomputing, expand campus access, and help researchers needing to tackle vast data to work more intuitively. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg's continued relationship with the PSC has made it possible for the museum to obtain server space hosted at the PSC.