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This document is a printed directory detailing the addresses and contact information of local businesses in Scottdale, PA who are members of the Scottdale Merchant's Association. This was in celebration of the centennial celebration of Scottdale…

This item is a document detailing the accident standings of subsidiary companies of the United States Steel Corporation. The document shows the standings for the first 9 months of 1925. The manufacturing, mining and limestone, and railroads,…

This item is an extract from the April 15th 1925 Issue of the New Republic magazine, written by Edward A. Wieck. The title of the article/extract is "Gambling With Minders' Lives." Wieck discusses the horrible conditions, pay, and treatment of…

This is a collection of ad clippings for Campbell Soup Company.

This is a collection of booklets by the Rumford Company Department of Home Economics, The topics of the booklets are food and cooking related. There are six total booklets on: "Good Breads," "Left-Overs," "Meat Substitutes," "Salads," "Delicious…

This item is a booklet entitled "To the Woman Who Works." The booklet contains information about personal hygiene, washing clothes, and other tips about the physical and emotional well-being of women.


This item is called Dr. Harter's Booklet. It is a small booklet that contains information about various sicknesses and treatments.


This is a collection of Valentines and Valentine cards c. 1900's-1910's.

This is a collection of Sunday school cards. None of the cards are dated


This is a collection of various poem. Some appear to be cut out from a newspaper or magazine. The included poems are titled: "Over The Hill to the Poor House," (by Will Carlton) "The World's Need," "Our Mother Tongue," Three Old Saws," "Triple Pledge…
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