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A deed dated 1844, of Mary Ann McClean to Charles McKinney.

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A deed, dated 1837, of land situated in Tyrone Township of Fayette County as well as the sum of 2,000 dollars is given to John Taylor from Jacob Anderson.

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Land tracts deed, dated 1830, of John Faick to Jacob Faick of Fayette County.

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In this deed, dated 1821, the sum of 2,00 dollars and two tracts of land is given to Christian Scherg from Peter Scherg.

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In this deed, dated 1820, Joseph Scherg's estate is granted to Peter Scherg as well as 3,520 dollars in full.

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A deed dated September 7, 1814, between Christian Scherg and Peter Scherg, for the sum of five shillings in full.

Deed, dated 1808 where the estate of Valentine Crawford is given to Joseph Scherg.

Deed, dated 1806, of John Stephenson granting Joseph Scherg 119 acres of land in Fayette County.

Land tracts deed, dated 1805, granting John Stephenson land in Fayette County.

Land tracts deed, dated 1789, establishing Manallin Township, Fayette County, signed James Trimble.
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