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A cemetery draft within Bullskin Township, Pennsylvania. The document is dated 1877 and includes the drafted illustration alongside official writing.

A survey from Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

A plan of land lots within the borough of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The document is dated

A survey document depicting the land owned by one Mr. Alexander McClean along the Yough River in Pennsylvania. The survey is dated 1793 and is torn into 3 pieces, making up the full document.

A survey/land tract for the land belonging to one Mr. Thomas Moore. The document is dated 1785 and includes and illustration of the land alongside a river.

A deed presented to one Mr. John snyder by one Mr. C.M. Koontz. The document is dated 1897 and features extensive writing on both sides. The document appears to be torn along its vertical axis.

A land survey of one Mr. Simon Snyder's heris in Westmoreland County, Pennylvania. The document is dated 1892 and includes a detailed ilustration of the land that was surveyed along with signatures of the heris.

A deed pertaining to a land proceeding belonging to John and Simm Snider. The document is dated 1832, and is for land in Donegal, Pennsylvania.

A single document detailing the surveyed lands of one Mr. Simon Snyder in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The document is small in size, and is dated April 5, 1838.

Two documents of general ephemera detailing surveyed lands owned by one Mr. Frederick Schneider in Donegal, Pennsylvania. The documents are dated 1808.
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