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Circular No.307 written by Accident Relief Manager B. C. Bell to superintendents. This circular is in regards to accident statistic in 1923. The circular is dated March 3, 1924.

A collection of A & HS Overholt & Co. financial accounts from March 1963 until December 1963. The book is in good condition; however, there are at least two pages from the front of the book and one page from the back of book torn out. To avoid…

A damaged Overholt Rye Whiskey label. The top right corner is missing. Due to deterioration, the word "Overholt" is cut off. However, corroborated by an identical, undamaged label, it can be confirmed that the word on the label is "Overholt".

One of fifteen identical sheets of "A Overholt and Co. Inc." stationery. Pictured in the upper left-hand corner is Abraham Overholt.

A photograph of Maria Frick Overholt by A.N. Stauffer photography. The photograph has been affixed to card stock by the photographer. The label "Maria Frick Overholt" is glued to the back of the document and hangs down below the document. The…

A photograph of Abraham Overholt. The photograph has been affixed to card stock by the photographer. The photographer's brand and logo are on the back of the card stock. On the back of the card stock a second hand wrote "Abraham Overholt" and…

A plan for the addition of a porch to the H.C. Frick Coke Company Superintendent's porch. This diagram was created by Mt. Pleasant Lumber Co., is labeled with dimensions, and appears to have been made 8-14-40, while the order of the materials is…

Calling cards from Aaron S.R. and Sallie Overholt to Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Sherrick. The event was scheduled to be held Wednesday morning, January 6th, at 11 o'clock. However, the year is unknown.
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