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One of fifteen identical sheets of "A Overholt and Co. Inc." stationery. Pictured in the upper left-hand corner is Abraham Overholt.

Old Overholt matchbook with three advertisements for National Distillers’ brands. These advertisements are for Town Tavern Straight Rye Whiskey, Old Farm Straight Rye Whiskey, and Gilbey's Gin. Eight out of eleven matches remain. The area below the…

A collection of A & HS Overholt & Co. financial accounts from March 1963 until December 1963. The book is in good condition; however, there are at least two pages from the front of the book and one page from the back of book torn out. To avoid…

A copy of an original document, a newspaper article titled "Horrible Death" from the newspaper publication Republican Democrat, Greensburg. The article was published on Wednesday May 8, 1867. In this incident, George Stacey fell to his death and…

An obituary of Abraham B. Overholt from the publication Herald of Truth. The obituary was published in March 1870.

A newspaper article titled, "28,000 barrels of red liquor burned at Overholt distillery" published by the Daily Tribune on November 20, 1905. The word "Greensburg" is written in green pen on the document. On the back of the document is an article…

A newspaper article titled "The Walls Came Tumbling Down" from the publisher Tribune-Review. The article describes the demolition of the warehouse at the Broad Ford distillery site. The article was published Tuesday June 27, 1989.

A copy of an original document, an obituary of John W. Frick. The article was published on August 31, 1888. Next to John W. Frick's obituary, "b. Feb 23, 1882. d. Aug 31 1888" is written by another hand in blue pen.
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