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Examination of Overholt Property is a letter written to Helen C. Frick in regards to items on the Overholt property, including acreage, It includes a drawn map of the property. This document is dated January 10, 1922.

A memorandum about Henry Clay Frick written by Clay F. Lynch. The memorandum dates to June 27, 1949. The first page of the memorandum is original, however, due to the condition of the document, copies of the remaining pages were scanned and included.

A newspaper article published by the Pittsburgh Press titled, "First Interview With Daughter Of Coke-Steel Magnate." It is the first part of the series "My Father, Henry Clay Frick." The interview was given by Helen Clay Frick to Mary O'hara about…

A page from a January 1988 issue of Yankee Magazine concerning requests for genealogical information. The section for genealogical information on Abraham Overholt has been outlined by a second hand.

A deed of sale from Anna M. Harman to Joseph M. and Leona B. Piper concerning the transfer of land on June 17, 1953. This is the same plot of land that was transferred to the Harman family in item: Box1B14. The purchase of this land cost a sum of…

A deed concerning the transferring of a plot of land in Westmoreland County from the Overholt family to the Harman family. The purchase of this land had a cost of one dollar. Also included with this document is an original sketch of the layout of the…

A letter from John L. Overholt to Susan Endersbe. In addition to this letter, John L. Overholt sent Susan Endersbe a copy of a coverlet pattern (Box 1 C13b) and an October 1968 issue of Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (Box 1 C13c), which is noted in…

A mailing label of J.S.R. Overholt. The document reads, " J.S.R. Overholt, West Overton Pa, Nov 7 1870."

General Buell's Body Guard calling cards. General Buell led Union troops during the Civil War. A.S.R. and J.S.R. Overholt are mentioned on the calling cards and each have signed a card.
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