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This is a collection of booklets by the Rumford Company Department of Home Economics, The topics of the booklets are food and cooking related. There are six total booklets on: "Good Breads," "Left-Overs," "Meat Substitutes," "Salads," "Delicious…

This item is a booklet entitled "To the Woman Who Works." The booklet contains information about personal hygiene, washing clothes, and other tips about the physical and emotional well-being of women.


This item is called Dr. Harter's Booklet. It is a small booklet that contains information about various sicknesses and treatments.


A Frick Veterans Association dinner booklet. The dinner was held at Mr. Thomas Lynch's residence on February 18th, 1911.

A dinner booklet for the executive officers of the H.C. Frick Coke Company. The dinner was held at Greensburg Country Club on January, 20th 1912.

A booklet from the Frick Veterans' Association Dinner, which was held on January 29, 1927 in the Pleasant Valley Country Club.

A booklet titled, "Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage." The booklet was sent from John L. Overholt to Susan Endersbe (see item: Box 1 C13a). John L. Overholt contributed to this volume; his article "The Marcus Oberholtzer (1664-1725) Family" can be…

A booklet published by the Mennonite Publishing House containing information on the history of the publishing company.

A program made by the Scottdale Mennonite Church of the church program for the celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Mennonites of Westmoreland-Fayette Counties in Pennsylvania.
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